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H. H. Gregg, Inc. (stylized as hhgregg) is an American online retailer and former retail chain of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast United States, that operated stores in 20 states including Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Valor Group LLC purchased the brand from the company's bankruptcy trustee for $400,000 in 2017. H.H. Gregg closed all stores in liquidation and had been operating as an online-only retailer since August that year, but it has since opened a new store in Somerset, New Jersey in 2019.


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Joni Lee Phillips says

"I wouldn't even give Samsung refrigerator a 1 star. I purchased a stove, refrigerator, and microwave as a bundle package at HHGreg back in 2013. My stove has been great...but my refrigerator has had alot of issues. I have done called the people out here 4 times because the fridge freezes up. Now after not even 5 years of having the side by side refrigerator it goes completely out. I am beyond furious!!! I have children and can't go without a fridge. Thanks to well over 2,000.00 spent it was a waste. Never again will I buy anything Samsung!!!"

chastity gonzalez says

"nightmare, unprofessional, slimy used car sales people and "finance managers" that look like they got out of prison 2 days ago. Only someone with no other option would buy a car here. It feels like an outdoor flea market in a third world country when you walk in. Loud music, gross environment. They ran my credit 4 times (4 hard inquiries) after I told my Sales person to cancel EVERYTHING and not run my credit. I spent 6 hours there and thank God I left. I got an amazing deal at Carmax with no down payment and they bought my old car! I have been trying to speak to a Manager about these credit inquiries since Sunday. The receptionist keeps saying someone will call me and nobody does. I am not on hold for over 30 minutes waiting for someone to speak to me!"

Antoine Sewell says

"I want to start off by saying that the management at this store is horrible. I say this after having a few unpleasant visits to the store and the encounter with them both on the phone and in-person. My horror story started March 16th 2016 when I visited the store to purchase a refrigerator. After shopping around , I found you all to be the best value for the money. So I thought.! I purchased an LG french door side by side refrigerator. I also purchased a 3 year protection plan to be safe. Well, after delivery, we noticed that the icemaker never worked so I called the store and they immediately directed me to the manufacture. I called LG which immediately sent a service person to address my needs. Infact they sent him 8 times for the same problem and it never got fixed. LG ended up buying the refrigerator back and sent a credit to the same HHGregg store. I go in to pick out another refrigerator and to cancel the remaining warranty on the old refrigerator. I finally get a new refrigerator(Samsung) picked out but no one at the store had any knowledge of how to get me a refund on the cancellation of the warranty. After me doing my research again, I ended up getting in touch with the right department at your corporate office to get the warranty canceled and a refund processing. Well the new refrigerator was delivered and missing the bottom legs, So I called the store and asked for the manager and I informed him of the missing legs and he tells me to order them from Samsung and he would get me reimbursed, So I asked exactly how would you reimburse me? He said with a store credit. I informed him that I had no need for a store credit and that I wanted someone to come fix the missing part. He said that they couldn't and insisted that I should call the manufacture. I told him that this was unacceptable and I asked for the corporate office number and he replied, It's on the website and then slammed the phone down on me. Well I started checking the reviews for this store and I see that they are horrible. I see why.. I manage a car dealership and if I had anyone in my employ to treat any of my customers the way that this manager has treated me, I would fire them immediately. Reviews usually tell the story and with that being said, I am off to put appropriate and honest reviews on this store and your company. Buyers Beware of HHGregg."

Jeanne Llera says

"Terrible delivery. The guy lied he ever came, then he was rude and cursing. He pulled the items out, which were not in boxes and looked used. Started threatening me, because I was calling the store. I felt scared and my new neighbors came out and called the police. The guy left the stuff, jumped in the truck and drove away. Not one apology I got from HHGreg."

Jimmy whitten says

"Bought a stack washer dryer. $1250 with tax. Same price all over town. Promised free dilivery and install. Go to pay and price goes to ne'er $1500. Included a hose package. I decline package and they tell me they will not install without new hoses. Almost $250 in hoses your kidding me. Well unit gets delivered and guess what. It comes with new hoses. Ask delivery man to install and he declines You did not buy new hoses. Look there are the new hoses in the unit. He stated he cannot install because I did not buy new hoses. Well I install it and head to HH Gregg. Find the salesman ask what's going on. He say I did not buy the hose package so no install. I told him the new hoses come with the unit he says they are not the hoses we sell. Well he sold then to me with the unit. Find a manager same question. You sold me a new unit with new hoses and installation is suppose to be included. Same answer you did not buy new hoses from us. Where do you think the new hoses came from. He. Says GE. They are not our hoses. End of story. Buy anything from HH Gregg and don't buy there inflated by three times install hose packaged. They just dump the unit and leave. You can hose me once never again"

Ann Garner says

"To make a long story to the point. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOU HARD EARNED MONEY. Buy from them IF you want to be disrespected and miss used. and LIED to. Ann Garner"

Greg Shrewsbury says

"Well I should have had a clue by the second attempt to deliver and they didn't show. By the fourth attempt though I knew I'd never do business with them again. I went to the store and picked out a washer and dryer combo, simple enough. It took FOUR attempts to get it here. The first couple of times they literally called me while on delivery and said they can't find it and left. I live in apartments and it's not that hard to find mind you. Anyway, Finally on the fourth attempt they find it and guess what? the washer was dented!!! They waived the delivery fee because it took so long and then knocked off $100 for the damage. All good right? NO~!!!!! ONE WEEK!!!!! into use and the washer flooded my house!!! not kidding!!! The sensor or something went bad! Soo i said come get this thing outta my house asap! It is now 1.5 weeks later and still getting run around with someone who has to look at it first and confirm..yup it's broken before they will take it outta here. This place it awful and I would steer clear of going here at all costs! Never again!!!!!!!!!!"

joey says

"I went to buy a 42' LG tv i was told it would be covered if anything was wroung with it. 1 mounth later the tv had red pixles . i have been with the back and forth for 5 mounths now and they still havent been able to fix the tv. PLEASE DONT BUY LG PRODUCES!!!!!! They are all liers!!"

rabbit says

"bought a dishwasher after waiting around for 2 hours in the store for salesman to finish with other customers. salesman said none in store but would get from another store by the next day. called the next day and was told they did not sell that model anymore and they would substitute one and it would be there 3 days later. called store before I arrived and after some time on hold was told my dishwasher was there. arrived at store and know one knew what was going on. manager at first could not find anything and said i would have to waiit another week for the article. was asking for money back when they (after another long wait) "mysteriously" found my dishwasher and brought it out to me. would not reccomend their customer service to anyone."

R M M says

"Looks like my experience wasn't as bad as some, but this place is average at best, and that's being kind."